Helping Regular People Trade Like Wall Street Professionals
0-DTE began in 2021, after Ernie ended his 30-year career on Wall Street. Even though he shut down his hedge fund, Ernie still traded his own money. He joined some retail trading groups for the sense of community, and quickly realized retail traders have been led down the wrong path. Because most mainstream “best practices” fly in the face of how professionals are trained to trade. So Ernie started his new mission, helping regular people trade with the same skill and consistency as professional traders.
About Coach Ernie 
Ernie has been a coach and trusted advisor to hundreds of traders and executives over the past 30 years. During his career, he has:
  • Been the Chief Technologist of a Fortune 50 Company
  • ​Managed 9-Figure Portfolios 
  • ​Run An Experimental Hedge Fund 
  • ​Coached Hundreds of Traders on His Trading Methods 
Today, Ernie focuses on helping retail traders produce asymmetric returns on their trades. While other programs focus on high-probability trades that offer frequent small wins at high risk - Ernie shows his members how they can target a potential reward to risk ratio as 10 to 1 on every trade.
The Vision For 0-DTE
0-DTE aims to become the premier Options Trading Education and Coaching service for retail traders. Rather than provide alerts, our goal is to help every member become a self-sufficient trader. We strive to help every member master our asymmetric trading philosophy, help them understand how the markets move and why, and give them the expertise to adjust their trading to different market conditions. We believe everyone should have the ability to financially benefit from the market - not just Wall Street firms.
Our Values
Ultimately, we want every member to reach mastery and self-sufficiency with trading. Everything we do is meant to help our clients become 100% confident in their skills, instead of having them reliant on an alerts service. That’s why our values include:
  • A continuous improvement process for our company, our services, and our members 
  • ​Constantly refining our trading strategies and educational programs to best serve the traders learning from us. 
  • Committed to our members’ success and best interests in every aspect and action taken by our company.
  • ​A steady belief that the financial benefits of the markets belong to everyone, not just major Wall Street firms and institutions. 
  • ​Transparent and forthright communication with our members and prospective members.
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